Lorraine Wesson

Offering a warm welcome during your holiday at Austrian Alpine Apartments in Ramsau am Dachstein

I moved to Austria with my husband Andy in 2008. Over several years we explored this area, through sport, and decided we wanted to call it home.

We really fell in love with every aspect of this wonderful location; the people, the food, the view, the mountains, the sport and recreation available and most importantly the feeling of peacefulness alongside adventure.

I have travelled the world as an expedition guide but this was the place I always wanted to come back to.

Sadly Andy passed away in 2017 and even though everything has changed really nothing has changed. Now I just want to share the adventure with our son, Luca, and of course you guys!

At the start of my career I trained as a teacher and then moved towards education in the outdoors and eventually became an outdoor instructor.

I have qualifications in leading hikes in the outdoors, climbing, mountain biking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, swimming, aerobics but most importantly I have passion for the outdoors and what it can teach us all!

Lorraine Wesson - Austrian Alpine Apartments

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